Michael C. Sawada

Professeur agrégé, Département de géographie

Membre de la Faculté des études supérieures et postdoctorales et autorisé à diriger des thèses.

Bureau : Simard 033
Téléphone : 613-562-5800 poste 1040
Courriel :msawada@uOttawa.ca

Titres universitaires 

2001 – Ph.D., Geography, Université d’Ottawa
1996 – M.A., Geography, Université d’Ottawa
1994 – B.A. Hon., Geography, Conc. Philosophy, Université d’Ottawa

Champs d’intérêt

  • Système d'information géographique (SIG)
  • Analyse spatiale
  • Changements paléoenvironnementaux d'échelle continentale

Survol des publications

Supervisions de thèses

En cours

Zoran Reljic (Ph.D. in Progress: Geography): 2007
JuanXia Hu (MSc. In Progress: Geography): 2007
Claudia Fall (MSc. In Progress: Geography): 2007
Marian Kramer (MSc. In Progress: Geography): 2007 – A. Lewkowicz Co-Supervisor
Mélanie Carriére (MSc. In Progress: OCGS): 2005
Andrew Adamowski (MSc. In Progress: Geography): 2005
Samuel Herold (MSc. in Progress: Geography): 2004.
Mélanie Zahab (Ph.D. in Progress: Geography): 2004
Maire-Pierre Parenteau (Ph.D. in Progress: Geography): 2006


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Article sans comité de lecture

Sawada, M., "Rookcase- A computer program for local and global spatial autocorrelation analysis in VBA operating as an MS Excel Add-In", Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, 80 4, 231-234.

Articles publiés en conférence

A. Elsabbagh, M. Sawada, M. Saatcioglu, H. Aoude, K. Ploeger, and M.Nastev, "NEW TOOLS FOR SEISMIC VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT OF UNREINFORCED MASONRY BUILDINGS IN OTTAWA, ONTARIO", 12th Canadian Masonry Symposium, Vancouver, BC, CANADA, Coalition.

A. Elsabbagh, M. Sawada, M. Saatcioglu, H. Aoude, K. Ploeger, and M.Nastev, "New Tools for the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario", CSCE 2013 Annual Conference, Montreal, QC, CANADA, Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, 061-1 - 061-10.


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Présentations et Conférences

Sawada, M., and Reljic, Z. Geomatics applications in Border Security. COMDEF 2007, Ottawa, ON, June 2007.

*Sawada, M., Herold, S., and Reljic Z. Geomatics applications in Hazard Mitigation. OCRI Research Days, May 14, 2007, Ottawa.

Sawada, M. Photorealistic Geovisualization Hollywood style. GEOTECH, Ottawa, ON, June 2006.

Sawada, M. Hot-spot analysis in crime mapping. Crime Mapping and Analysis Seminar 2006, Canadian Police College, Aylmer Ontario, April 2006.

Sawada, M. and D. MclLhagga. Tsunami disaster web mapping portal: rapid deployment and cooperative innovation. Innovation at the speed of light, Professional Development Week, Ottawa Congress Centre, June 2005.

Sawada, M. Integrating GIS and remote sensing for geovisualization of arctic landscapes and environments, 437th meeting of the Arctic Circle, Ottawa, April 2005.

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Rapports techniques

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